Speaking out: how to get your voice heard

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MASSG hopes for change in Labor policy. We urge our members to contact Labor Parliamentarians, declaring opposition to the hardline ‘bipartisan’ support for the cruel regime of offshore detention and rigid  rejection of the rights of asylum seekers in this country. And contact them again, with thanks, whenever there’s signs of a shift towards acceptable policy.

To help you send a single message to all Labour Senators and Members of Parliament, we’ve compiled a list of their emails. Download it here  –Labor parliamentarians email list 2017  – and paste it into the BCC field of your email.


Here’s a general introduction to our group and its work. Please join us!

Massg brochureMASSG brochure      

Facts and where to find them

Do you need to keep up on the issues and policy changes affecting asylum seekers? In response to troubled citizens needing to get facts straight, we provide here simple Fact Sheets and brochures.

We start with a general summary of the main myths about asylum seekers, based on lack of knowledge or perpetrated by the government. And the facts.

Myths and Facts 

This month’s most asked question is about Visas. Here’s our fact sheet.


What can I do to help?

It’s the question we’re most often asked – so we have prepared this information sheet with suggestions and contacts. Click the title to download and do share with your friends.

What can I do to help? 


MASSG recommends interested people check out the following websites:

ASRC (Asylum Seeker Resource Centre)
ASRC has fact sheets here.

The Refugee Council of Australia at   RCOA hosts an authoritative and very detailed website with information on their research, initiatives, consultations and conferences, with links to governmental  sources and detailed reports. Get the facts here.

Refugee Legal:, is Australia’s largest not-for-profit provider of free specialist legal assistance to people seeking asylum, refugees and disadvantaged migrants. Their website has fact sheets on legal issues.

Advocacy Network   We are a member of this large network of groups and receive information about upcoming events and advice on lobbying.

Refugee Action Collective (Vic)    A very active group that keeps us informed of current issues and upcoming public meetings and rallies.

Rural Australians for Refugees   A national network of local support groups across regional Australia. Groups are listed on the website, through which they can post their own events, newsletters, petitions and other activities. MASSG is listed.

Amnesty International at