MASSG Meetings

Next Meeting: Monday 19th February, starting time 2pm. 

To find what’s going on and coming up, click here for our current newsletter. To read the meeting record, click below on any month’s minutes.

MASSG meets normally at 2.00 pm on the third Monday of each month.  Meetings are held at Montmorency Community Church, 24 Mayona Rd, just across the road from the station.  New members are always welcome.


Curious about the workings of our group? Meetings cover a range of issues, projects, events and news  (like the arrival of our banner, above!)  Between meetings, our Newsletter, and occasional alerts to political developments and activities are emailed to our mailinglist members.

After each meeting our minutes are emailed to those meeting members present and recorded below, subject to approval by the next meeting. Click on any month below to find what’s happening.

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