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Electoral Funding and Disclosure Reform Bill

Recently MASSG’s Campaign Group wrote to a number of Senators re the proposed LNP amendments to the Electoral Funding and Disclosure Reform Bill. Click on the links to read our messages and the thorough reply from Labor Senator Lisa Singh and clear response from Greens Senator Di Natale .

Citizenship changes

Our Campaign Group and individual members submitted the case for justice to asylum seekers and wrote seeking information about policy from politicians as this bill was debated.  An earlier response from ALP Senator Jacinta Collins to MASSG is  here. 

In the latest news, the Senate Committee dealing with a move by Pauline Hanson to revive the legislation with an even more draconian 8year delay for citizenship has set up a “survey” to guage views via Survey Monkey! Read about it here.  You can read about it here – and follow the link to vote – any number of times. No, it’s not a joke – no sampling, no checks, no controls over multiple voting, about as incompetent a way of assessing views as could be imagined.

Bipartisan policies on asylum seekers – our question to Labor parliamentarians.

Labor conference is coming up – we continue to urge Labor members to provide a clear policy, unequivocally opposing the Government’s current cruelty to asylum seekers.

In the hope that Labor can be helped to take a principled stand on the current crisis in offshore detention, our August meeting decided to write to all Labor Members of Parliament and Senators expressing our concern at Labor’s silence on human rights and legal justice issues, despite its declared platform commitment to ‘values of compassion, fairness and generosity… Labor believes that as a country Australia must not harm people.’

You can read here our Letter to Labor members It asks each of our Labor parliamentarians to answer a simple question: What do you propose should happen to the detainees currently on Manus and Nauru?

We learned a lot about Labor from this exercise. We had a long response from the Shadow Minister to our letter, on behalf of all the Labor recipients. And there were just three individual responses, one just a partial copy of his letter, from Susan Lamb MP. and two individually prepared letters, from Anne Aly and Linda Burney.)

You can read the letter from Shayne Neumann here.   His response disappointed us in concentrating mainly on point-scoring against the Turnbull government, and not answering our question except with vague hope that the Government’s strategy will work. We have written thanking him for responding and asking what Labor would propose in the likely event that the US deal and ‘other third country resettlement arrangements’ do not resettle detainees. (We did note – and affirm –  his reporting of the firm disagreement with the Government’s handling of medical transfers.)


Behind the public events, MASSG quietly helps and supports individual asylum seekers.  Our newsletters show the variety of our projects and actions.

Our Facebook page records our participation in current public events.

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Our fundraising is ongoing. MASSG holds an annual fund-raising lunch. In 2017 our speaker was David Manne human rights lawyer, migration agent and  Executive Director of Refugee Legal. We raised over $3,000.