Need a job done?

Do you need a hand?  People seeking asylum who are on temporary visas with work rights want and need to work. Contact those profiled here, or contact massg to find others.

Do you have a business or organisation seeking employees? Tell us what you are looking for, and we will publicise positions available.

Networking of businesses and job-seeking asylum seekers is essential.  Read here about a Sydney event that highlighted the skills available from those arriving at our shores.

MASSG works with local asylum seekers to offer help and support. The help most needed is often work.

So here we provide a space where those seeking work can give information about their skills, their businesses and their contact details,  and recommendations and references from people they have worked for.

Those profiled here are on temporary visas with work rights.   The information about them and their skills is provided by them, and while MASSG members have worked with each, we can’t of course vouch for all the details. If you need more information you are welcome to email

  • For gardening, landscaping and paving, carpet cleaning, window cleaning and home maintenance:  NVS Maintenance. Contact Varathan, now in the Geelong area.
  • For painting, small carpentry and building projects: Banyule Maintenance: Contact Mehdi.
  • For gardening, handyman tasks, cleaning gutters, car washing, cooking, paintingā€¦  Tofigh says he will try anything!
  • Jafar has experience with light labouring and gardening jobs.
  • Maureen is keen to find gardening jobs. Her number is 0411 356 533.
  • Raj is a young man living in Macleod who is keen to get more casual work- jobs big and small, cleaning or gardening –  preferably on Hurstbridge train line or bus route, but will travel across town, even for a few hours’ work.